Plan Ahead Of Time
I have seen far too many tourism businesses leave marketing strategies for their peak seasons far too late.
Power of Competitions in Marketing
Social Competitions are a highly effective way to increase exposure, grow your leads, and build more “buzz” around your business.
Leverage Location Based Apps
Your business needs a listing across these to allow your customers to easily find out about you when they are in your area.
Reach Millennials In Tourism
Millennials grew up with technology and have never known a world without them so any marketing you do should be where they hang out.
Forget B2B or B2C In Business
Most tourism businesses put themselves into two camps, they cater for B2C or B2B. Well I am here to tell you, you should not.
Hang Out With Your Customers
We travel as we want to visit new places, see new sights and meet new people.
Package Your Products
Where possible always try and create a package option for your products.
Analyse Your Website Performance
So, before you think about re-designing your site it is always good to know how your current website is performing.
Engage with YouTube Videos
With the average user watching 32 videos per month, your strategy must include YouTube.
Live for Live Streaming
One of the best ways you can engage with your customers is through live streaming on Facebook, Periscope, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram.
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