Boost Business With Bloggers Part 3
When you are approaching, or being approached by a travel blogger, you should look at 4 things…
Boost Business With Bloggers Part 2
Another way to reach out to bloggers is to use some of your marketing budget to invite that blogger to spend one night at your hotel and/or enjoy your product.
Boost Business With Bloggers Part 1
Spreading the word about your business among the online travel community will give you travelling clout.
Targeting Baby Boomers in Tourism
Baby Boomers tend to have the most disposable income and account for nearly half of all retail sales.
Keeping up with exchange rates
If you are selling your tours and products worldwide your website must cater for the many different currencies and fluctuations out there.
It’s not all about you
With any marketing strategy, it should not all be about you.
Earn Trust With Earned Content
Earned content is when you tap into your traveller’s content to supplement your own.
Don’t expect instant bookings
One thing that too many tourism owners get caught up on is they see they are getting lots of traffic but booking rates are not as high.
Always ask for Feedback
When it comes to customer feedback replying to good and negative reviews is vitally important.
Awesome Tourism Videos
Creating awesome and bespoke tourism videos does not need to be expensive.
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