Discussion on Marketing your Tour Business Through COVID
In the episode I am joined by Evan Tipton of Tomis and we will be discussing marketing strategies and ideas for tour operators.
Google just made tracking your marketing campaigns a whole lot harder
Find out more about Google’s cookies policy changes & what they mean for your marketing campaigns.
The Digital Battle for Tours and Activities – Part 2
I want to highlight a major and dangerous situation many OTAs are putting tour and activity providers in.
10 tips for recording video for your tour and travel business
For me, it is one of the best marketing tools you can use (if done correctly).
Help conduct the largest research study of your industry
We have partnered with Arival to help conduct the largest research study of your industry: Tours, Activities, Attractions & Experiences.
How to use Tourism Trends to your Advantage
In the travel industry, like most others, there are trends and fashions that influence customers.
Big Trends in Digital Tourism in 2015
Here are some of the biggest digital trends in the tourism industry and what they could mean for you.
2015 – It’s Digital Marketing all the way baby!
When 2014 drew to a close, it was reported by The Wall Street Journal that 35% of Proctor and Gamble’s total marketing budget for 2015 would be spent on digital marketing.
Top web design trends for 2015
A professional user-friendly website is essential for most business in today’s competitive world.
7 Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Should Know
Digital marketing is a popular and competitive industry and, here at the Tourism Marketing Agency, we consider we’re always on the cutting-edge of it.
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