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DigiTourShow #191

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

18 Jun 2018

As one of the most competitive markets in the World, the tourism industry constantly brings new challenges, but also new opportunities. In this video I will be looking at and TripAdvisor, asking what they bring to the tourism industry, and how you can learn from them.

TripAdvisor and both provide people with an easy way to look around for their next holiday or experience at their own pace, and this is a big part of their success.

As well as the convenience it offers, shopping for holidays online allows people to do their research before making a commitment. This appeals to most people, as holidays are an expensive commitment and it’s important to feel confidence that you’re finding the best deal.

Tripadvisor is the most trusted resource out there and many people use it to research their next trip. As they don’t often book straight away, TripAdvisor is more often seen as a planning resource as opposed to a marketing platform. This level of trust has been earned because the platform is genuinely useful and people trust the reviews because they come straight from fellow travellers.

As tourism marketers, we can learn a lot from TripAdvisor’s success. We can ensure our own websites offer genuinely useful resources that help people plan their holidays.

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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