Commission Is Killing You Slowly

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

17 Nov 2017

Commission is one of the biggest issues I hear when speaking with businesses and clients.

The many commission rates form OTA’s, booking systems, payment gateways etc are already eating away at your tight margins and profits.

Some of these are unavoidable as they are required for you to function as a business, but you can reduce them dramatically.

By putting more time and money into your own website and marketing strategy you can take back control and take more direct bookings and enquires.

This is the only sure fire way to reduce your reliance in OTA’s for example, increasing your revenue and reducing the commission you have to pay. 

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

When you bid for a keyword with Google you may think that all of the hard work is done but this is just the beginning...
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

As in most situations, your voice in business doesn’t so much come down to what you are saying, but rather how you are saying it.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

Direct mailing can work together to complement your digital marketing strategy in order to boost your reach.

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