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DigiTourShow Daily #167

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

13 Feb 2018

What should be an obvious is often overlooked.

When you create a web page on your site did you really think about its main purpose?

Too many don’t truly consider this and a page can become a dumping ground for lots of differing content.

A web page should have one focus and one focus only. Is it to inform? To sign up to a Newsletter? Or to close sale?

Try not to add too many call to actions to a page as all this will do is make your customers uncertain on where and what to do next.

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

Coding has been developed to detect browsers and devices and responds by altering the layout of websites automatically, whether you’re viewing it on a full-sized laptop or desktop, a tablet or a smartphone.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

How to make sure suppliers maintain control of their tour and activity services.

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