How Golf Clubs Can Use Social, Part 1

DigiTourShow Daily #112

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

20 Dec 2017

Social Media should be used to communicate with your members.

Golf club members really are a social bunch. Trust me, for better or worse, I am one of them.

Engaging with your members through Facebook, Twitter and sharing photo updates through Instagram is a fantastic way to keep your members in touch with the club. 

Facebook can be used to promote events at your club or post video guides of each hole and tips from your pros.

Twitter can be used to publish updates, in real time, about the course conditions or if you had to close due to bad weather.

Instagram can also be used to post videos and members enjoying the course.

By using social you can engage with your members fully. 

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

An out dated website can drive away potential new customers as it can give the wrong message.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

Every individual element of web design is important in relation to your whole website composition.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

When it comes to SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) – Google is it!

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