How to Market to Dissatisfied Customers

DigiTourShow Daily #152

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

29 Jan 2018

When it comes to marketing, most businesses tend to forget to market to dissatisfied customers. And I don’t mean your own. I mean your competitors dissatisfied customers.

Using social tools like HootSuite you can set up alerts to notify you when someone leaves a negative comment about a competitor on social. If you have the time, go through TripAdvisor too

If I was you, I would contact these people and offer your similar product at half price, or if you can, for free. If you can show that competitors dissatisfied customer a better experience, guess what… they will remember what you did and you now have a strong chance of a repeat customer.

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

Google is a service like any other and as a result they want to keep their customers happy with the websites they recommend.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

Many businesses place their focus on having a beautifully designed website however many forget to ensure the effectiveness of their website.

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