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DigiTourShow Daily #048

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

17 Oct 2017

Don’t just take old content created for one platform and throw it aimlessly at another. 

An idea that worked on Facebook may not be as effective on Twitter. Take the time to understand the individuality of each platform, and adopt a long-term approach to developing your community.

An effective way of winning the small battles on social media is to create frequent, high-quality and interesting micro-content. This allows you to engage your prospective customers and become influential in their decision making.

Once enough small victories have been won, and your regular content has a decent following, it’s then time to implement a strategy to win the war.

Filming location: University of Glasgow Cloisters, Scotland

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

It is common knowledge that mobile devices are dominating internet surfing habits.
Peter Wright

Peter Wright

We had two great speakers and a room full of tourism professionals, business owners, marketers, and travel bloggers.

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