Structuring the Perfect Blog

DigiTourShow #190

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

11 Jun 2018

In this Digital Tourism Show I’d like to talk about structuring the perfect blog as blogs has become one of the most important parts of any well-managed digital marketing strategy, and it’s especially important in the tourism marketing industry.

Writing regular high-quality blogs is a kind of content marketing that started out as a combination of SEO and online PR but has become a legitimate strategy in its own right. 

Blogs can also be used to humanise larger brands and to convey your company’s personality to prospective customers. Not only can blogging drive relevant traffic to your site, it can also drive conversions, convincing people to book with your company.

So all blog:

  • posts are the same, so it’s important to allow the type of blog you’re writing to dictate its own structure.
  • titles should be as clear as possible, without misleading the reader at all.
  • should have a clear hook is basically an extension of the title and should also be as clear as possible.
  • should use lots of subheadings to clearly signpost each section of the blog. And don’t be afraid to include keywords in each subheading.
  • links should be helpful to the reader, pointing them to pages on your site they might genuinely like to visit. You should include at least one or two external links. 

The conclusion of a blog post should be as clear and concise as the introduction, summing up everything you covered in the blog.

Read our more in-depth artcile.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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