Top hotel marketing tips part 2

DigiTourShow Daily #052

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

21 Oct 2017

Today’s travellers are looking for more than just a bed and room. This is why the likes of AirBNB are now providing local tours.

Hotels need to offer more so think about what you can add to the experience. 

This could be guest meet-and-greets, hotel treasure hunts for kids and big kids, a Champagne hour for guests. 

Also look at local businesses. What deals can you strike with them to create a network of products and services. Showcase local art, offer locally sourced foodstuff in your mini bar, create packages combining attractions and events.

By expanding your offering to more than just a room, you expand your revenue potential and increase your good reviews. 

Filming location: The SSE Hydro, Glasgow

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

A high Bounce Rate is typically viewed as being negative, however this is not necessarily the case.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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