Top Tourism Mistakes Part 5

DigiTourShow Daily #005

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

4 Sep 2017

The fifth top mistake is too many tourism businesses do not allow online booking.

I have heard it before, “I can’t offer live availability” or “my products don’t fit a paid online model”. Any business model can be made to take payments online. Even if it is just a deposit.

By offering online booking you open your products up to impulse buys and catering for those customers who are looking for exactly what you are offering.

Customers are busy too. They may not have time to await your call back to discuss an itinerary. By that time they may have lost interest anyway. Customers trust what they see and are far more likely to book if you allow them to do so.

Leave your call to them for after the ‘sale’ once they have committed.

Filming location: The Helix/The Kelpies, Falkirk, Scotland

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

The deadline for GDPR is almost here and we’d like to discuss how it affects travel companies and what they can do to be GDPR compliant.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

With the rise of the smartphone and tablet there has been a huge increase in exactly what we can do with these devices.

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