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Automation Management

Marketing automation is a perfect tool for tourism brands as we can create automated sales emails, sent to customers after a booking has been made, to increase the up-sell potential.

Send your customers a discount code on a successful booking to make an extra purchase or perhaps to refer a friend. It’s also a good idea to start having conversations with your leads, going beyond the traditional email marketing capabilities, to track their behaviour and present them with the most relevant information to them every time. 

We’ll send follow-up emails at the right time and notify your sales staff when your prospects are ready to buy. The beauty of this is that it all happens completely automatically.

Speak with our digital marketing team about how our automation management can help drive your sales potential. 

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TMA has been professional and friendly and I am looking forward to continuing to see the results of the marketing phase and continuing to get increased visitors and more business.

Stewart Campbell

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