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Facebook advertising is the perfect way to precisely target broad and niche markets. Advertise to your exact audiences, based on specific social and demographic user information held by Facebook on their users. There is a huge range of ways to refine your targeting, from data such as users’ age, gender and location to interest-based data or detailed behavioural targeting. 

We’re also able to build custom audiences to reach your existing contacts, helping you to develop loyalty and increase repeat business from existing customers. We can even create ‘lookalike’ audiences, finding similar Facebook users by analysing your existing database. 

Facebook ads are ideal for a range of campaign objectives, including increasing brand awareness, generating leads, increasing web traffic, developing audience engagement and direct conversions. 

Our experts in Facebook advertising will oversee all aspects of your campaign including account management, creating ads and targeting them to the right audiences.

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The world of marketing can often be a black hole. There are so many moving parts that can easily overwhelm you if you let it. This is where TMA truly excels. They removed the ‘guesswork’ and provided me with a clear and detailed work plan for the upcoming year. I would strongly recommend everyone to consider TMA to assist them with their marketing strategy.

Michael Harris

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