What to do about bad reviews on TripAdvisor - DigiTourShow Daily #065

Ok you have a bad review, or many bad reviews. Don’t panic… yet!

You obviously need to investigate where in your product that customer felt they had a bad experience. Was it a bad tour guide or did they simply get pissed off at the taxi driver taking them to your destination.

If anyone leaves a bad review the worst thing you can do is ignore it. If you do it shows you are not interested in your customer's point of view. 

Whether it was your fault or that of a supplier, reply back and show you care and offer them a solution like a seat on your next tour or an extra night at your hotel.

Be seen to help your customers and you may just find they gain your trust and come back to you.

Filming location: The Kings House Hotel, Glencoe, Scotland

#digitourshow #scotland


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