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We do in-depth research and a 1-on-1 workshop with you to ensure we are a good fit and understand what your needs are.

This initial process allows our team to:

  • Establish the reason for the project by diagnosing the business problem.
  • Uncover hidden value through understanding the worth to the business.
  • Plot a path forward by prescribing a treatment plan.

A discovery session is a deep dive into your business to examine the problems you’re facing and gain a shared understanding of what success looks like to you. 

What is included:

  • Full workshop day (multiple days are concidered)
  • TMA will provide three members of our specialist team in attendance
  • A detailed treatment plan
  • Brand Workshop and Personality Map (tone of communication, brand analysis)
  • Project Insights (vision, purpose, goals)
  • Target group definition (buyer persona)
  • User Scenarios (analysis of types of users and their motives for use)
  • User Flow Diagrams (our vision on how users move through the site)
  • SMART goals (specific goals of the site/app and how can they be quantified and measured)
  • Timeline

These workshops are conducted face-to-face but can also be conducted online depending on your destination/budget.


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