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Keyword research underpins the vast majority of digital marketing activity. Put as simply as possible, it is a process of identifying product-related words and phrases that users put into search engines (primarily Google) in order to try and discover the answer to a particular search query they have.

Keyword research is important because it allows digital marketers to identify the most product-relevant words and phrases based on users’ search behaviours. It also highlights the number of average monthly searches that each keyword gets based on predetermined target market locations and informs us how difficult it is to potentially organically rank for these commonly searched terms.

Researching this information allows you to strategically identify and target words and phrases to utilise throughout a website and its content, making sure that a website/ webpage stands the best chance of ranking for these terms and connecting you with the most relevant audience, increasing the chances of maximising website conversions.

Put simply, keyword research lets you figure out exactly what to call your products so that your potential customers find your website on Google instead of a competitors’ site.

Given the power of keywords, and the essential role they play in SEO, content marketing, and PPC, TMA endeavours to create as comprehensive a keyword list as possible before we create a digital strategy for our clients. This ensures that any consequential digital marketing efforts are built on strong, data-driven foundations.


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