Keyword Strategy

A single term can be entered into search engine millions of times. That’s millions of people who are taking their web traffic somewhere. If what they’ve searched for is relevant to your brand, ranking for that term can be the difference between gaining a new customer and missing out on them altogether.

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average (that’s over 3.5 billion searches per day!). A word, if it’s the right one, can mean millions in potential profit in the right hands.

Keyword research is a ket part of any digital marketing strategy, however, you can’t possibly turn your website into a front-page result for every search term entered into every search engine. Knowing that, you’ve got to focus your efforts on search terms synonymous with who you are and what you offer. That is what makes keyword research the most vital stage in developing a website content strategy.

Relevance - The one key term for determining whether a keyword holds value for your brand. The more relevant a keyword is to your business, your message, and your offering, the more likely that keyword is to bring you your target audience and ultimately drive revenue. 

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