Remarketing Strategy

Did you know in the travel and tourism industry, on average, 94% of users will not convert on their first visit to your site? In some cases it can take as long as 90 days before someone makes a purchase.

Remarketing is a great tourism marketing strategy that will allow you to serve ads to users who have previously visited your site within the search engine results pages, as well as on external sites. Ever looked at a product and noticed the same or similar products appearing later in the day? That’s remarketing!

In an online world, users are more savvy to comparing products and services. It’s therefore essential that your brand is held in the highest regard after they leave your site.

Behavioural targeting can be implemented, meaning that users will have to complete certain actions on site (such as adding to basket) before the can be served your ads - cutting down on any wastage and ensuring you get the best out of your budget.

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