Twitter Marketing

Our experience has shown that for destination marketing, companies benefit mainly from Facebook and Instagram when promoting tourism businesses, however, some do benefit from Twitter marketing. 

Our social media experts are ready to focus your marketing messages into engaging content and conversations within Twitter’s 280 character limit. Yes, characters, not words. You need to make sure you’re hitting the nail on the head with this one.

Twitter is one of the fastest ways to spread simple information to large audiences. If you’re not posting on Twitter, you’re missing out on easy engagements and a plentiful lead generation pool. 

The key is to make the right impression on your target audience in a short number of characters. Combining striking imagery with engaging written content, our content creators will craft powerful messages for your campaigns to maximise engagement. 

We’ll balance the types of messages produced for your campaigns, target the best hashtags and ensure you’re being seen by the right audiences.

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