No matter how much you think you know about digital marketing – design trends, search engines, and social media best practices are in a state of constant flux. Therefore it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse at all times.

Digital marketing is a popular and competitive industry and, as here at the Tourism Marketing Agency we consider we’re always on the cutting-edge of it, we’d like to tell you about the 7 most important industry trends.

Data is everything

The biggest advantage of online marketing, compared to more traditional marketing mediums, is the ability to track and record how successful a campaign is. Analytics make it possible to measure success right down to the last click; and from this data it’s possible to make an accurate analysis of customer behaviour. Websites visited, products viewed and purchases made can all be analysed and utilised to improve and direct future marketing strategies – and make them more cost-effective.

Mobile is growing exponentially

Browsing and buying via mobile technology is increasing at a rate that suggests it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. If your business website isn’t yet fully responsive, making it user-friendly to mobile users, the chances are you’re be missing out on a massive opportunity. Apps are also another consideration – and many consumers love to interact this way with their favourite brands.

SEO isn’t just keywords

Google’s recently announced they now value "Semantic Search" over keywords and key-phrases; meaning optimising your website content with keywords is now just part of a bigger puzzle. However, continuing to apply the fundamentals such as tags and back-links from authority websites will still help you produce better search engine results.

Social media isn’t just about "Likes"

"Likes" on your Facebook posts can make you feel great, but aren’t always an accurate reflection of the post’s value to your business. This applies equally to being favourited on Twitter or Re-Pinned on Pinterest – as you don’t know if the user made a purchase.

A better social media strategy is to make sure you always post great content and track other metrics including clicks and shares.

Social media platforms

The most effective way use of social media is to use it as a delivery system for your content; which should always include relevant links to products and services as well as images and even videos. Networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn can also be used to establish yourself as an expert or leader in your field, and to connect to and build relationships with potential customers and other important people in your industry.

Email marketing is alive and well

Despite some so-called experts claiming email is dead – recent online marketing surveys suggest email remains an easy way to contact potential customers and to stay in touch with your customer data base.

Browse a website or purchase something from it, and many times you will be asked if you would like to sign-up to receive the company newsletter or future offers – and many of us do. Email remains easy-to-configure and easy-to-measure via simple-to-use analytics.

Web design favours user experience

Modern responsive websites need to be easy to navigate and be user friendly on multiple platforms including online and mobile, as 2015 consumers expect to be able to visit your site and find what they want to find within seconds. Layouts should be aesthetically appealing and features should be clearly defined and emphasised, whilst fast load times are a must to maximise sales from the visitors to your site.

Here at TMA we understand how important it is for business to keep up with these digital marketing trends – and our doors are open to discuss any need or queries you might have.

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