Palisis acquire Senshi Digital's Web Team

For over 10 years, Senshi has worked closely alongside Palisis creating many fantastic websites.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

27 Apr 2018

For over 10 years, Senshi has worked closely alongside Palisis creating many fantastic websites. We’ve also met many amazing businesses and people along the way.

Senshi became a leader in this space working with some amazing brands.

A couple of years ago Palisis saw Senshi’s value and made us their preferred web partner.

Palisis has continued to see the value we brought to our customers and so today we are happy to announce that Senshi’s web division has now been integrated into the Palisis family. This means both teams can create a more cohesive ecosystem for Palisis and TourCMS customers.

Our own marketing team will also be helping Palisis build an effective, cohesive communication structure with their customers.

From May 1st 2018, Palisis will cover support and maintenance of sites on the TourCMS platform. Iona McHale, who created the whole backend of our TourCMS websites, is now leading the web team over at Palisis and will continue to support your website.

Our Marketing customers need not worry. We have evolved into a marketing only agency and have re-branded as the Tourism Marketing Agency (TMA). Our marketing team will still operate for our customers as they always have.

I see this as an incredible opportunity for customers on the TourCMS platform. Palisis have some exciting developments in regards to TourCMS which will be communicated later this year. 

May I take this time to thank you for your continued support over the years and I look forward to continuing this support, in terms of marketing with TMA, for many years to come.

Kind regards,


Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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