Social Media Stats to Help Change Your Online Presence

In the digital world, it’s vital to a have a good online presence.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

4 Dec 2015

In the digital world, it’s vital to a have a good online presence which maximises your reach and potential to generate more leads and conversions. There are many ways to do this, not all of which work for each individual company or industry.

However there are some stats to support recent trends in digital marketing, which could be the key to boosting your online presence, and in turn conversions. It’s worth thinking about some of the below facts in relation to your business and your digital aims.

Top blogs generate less than 7% of traffic from social

The top 50 business blogs (which are seen as the most successful business blog on the net) were reported to have generated just over 6.5% of their traffic from social media channels. However Twitter still proves the most popular social network for traffic, though Facebook and LinkedIn traffic has increased by 9% and 5% respectively over the last year.

UK online retail sales are up 5%

This stat is based year on year until August, according to the IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index. Within this, smartphones are responsible for just 28% of mobile sales in comparison to 72% via tablets, so it pays to ensure you have a mobile friendly website which is responsive to tablet users.

Mobile bookings have doubled over the last year

Based on travel brands which offer online booking options, the mobile share of revenue from online booking has doubled to 23% in the last year. In addition, it’s shown that smartphones are more effective at closing same day bookings, with 47% of these bookings occurring on mobile phones.

Half of online shoppers abandon their visit

A study of over 60,000 online consumers found that 50% will generally abandon their visit. Reasons for this include not being able to find the item they were looking for (21%), the item, it’s colour or size was out of stock (17%) or because the price was too high (9%). It’s important to analyse why visitors may be leaving your site before making a purchase, and then trying to adapt your strategy around this.

These are just some of the latest findings when analysing performance and trends in the digital spectrum. If you feel your brand is underperforming then consider some of these stats and try to use them to your advantage.



Much is said about a globalized world where everything and everyone is interconnected. In this unified scenario, the market and the competition ceases to be local and become global.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

Although this principle is as old as human behaviour it becomes even more important to harness it with regard to online business.
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Peter Wright

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