November is almost over and the Glasgow chapter of Travel Massive had its second event last night (Tuesday the 27thof November). 

The night was a big success and we’d like to take a little time to reflect on the talks given by both speakers.

David McGinty - co-founder of Glasgow based creative agency Walnut Wasp - spoke at length about creating a killer brand, and TMA’s Chris Torres, spoke about how to rank on TripAdvisor, adapting the workshop he gave at Arival in Las Vegas in September.

If you’d also like to catch up on Travel Massive Glasgow’s October event, you can read our rundown blog here.

The Turnout


We had another great turnout to November’s event, with a mixture of marketers, travel bloggers, and tour operators. It’s important that we continue to work with, and talk to, people in all aspects of the tourism industry, and networking events like Travel Massive Glasgow present a fantastic way to make connections and perhaps even business partnerships. If nothing else, it’s a great opportunity to show up and talk shop with a bunch of other people who have knowledge and expertise in the tourism industry.

David McGinty — Creating a Killer Brand


The first speaker of the night was David McGinty, co-founder of Walnut Wasp, a creative agency based in Glasgow. David founded Walnut Wasp with his partner, Gail Kelly, in 2014 and the business has grown into a one-stop shop for companies looking to emphasise their strengths and define their brand with the help of digital marketing, graphic design, web design, photography and filmmaking. 

David McGinty is a creative thinker with ten years’ experience in marketing, copywriting, and making films for brands, and the talk he gave at last night’s event looked at how you can create a “killer” brand. David’s enthusiasm and knowledge shined through as he discussed one of the most dense and nebulous topics in marketing. What is perhaps most impressive, is that David managed to streamline an incredibly comprehensive brand workshop into a mere 45 minutes — and this included questions from the audience! The end result was an invaluable mini masterclass on branding. 

Travel Massive Glasgows November Event.jpg

As with anyone who truly knows what they’re talking about, David took the tricky subject of branding and made it feel simple and completely accessible. He also made sure to connect his presentation to the audience and our focus on the tourism sector. David spoke about ‘brand differential factors’, explaining how important it is to communicate what makes you meaningfully different from your competitors.

You can read part one of a blog he wrote about it here. David used examples from three brands he knew very well — about how they have defined themselves and communicated their identity to their respective markets. The talk was fascinating in itself, but the astute audience asked several insightful questions that added a lot of value to the overall discussion.

Chris Torres — How to Rank on TripAdvisor


The second speaker of the night was TMA’s founder and director, Chris Torres. Chris is a tourism marketing expert with 26 years’ experience working in the web design and tourism marketing industry. Chris founded his own company, Senshi, in 2008 and last year he made the decision to focus the company’s efforts and expertise solely on tourism marketing, moving away from web design. The brand name changed from Senshi to the Tourism Marketing Agency to communicate this change of focus. When he’s not working with and for TMA’s clients, Chris runs his own video series and Facebook community called The Digital Tourism Show that focuses on all-things tourism marketing.

This year, Chris was invited to talk at Arival— an international conference focusing on the travel and tourism industry. Arival has movers and shakers, both large and small, from every part of the world and Chris provided a fully attended workshop advising people on how to rank on TripAdvisor. The workshop had been a huge success and the Chris wanted to share his TripAdvisor insight with everyone at Travel Massive Glasgow.


In his talk at last night’s event, Chris explained exactly why TripAdvisor is so important. He also helped demystify much of TripAdvisor’s ranking algorithm (how and why it ranks you against your competitors) and many of its more confusing features. As Chris is always focusing on offering practical, actionable advice, he made sure to include plenty of insight into the best practices, offering practical takeaways that guests could apply to their own digital strategies. 

We hope this blog post has helped anyone who missed the event to catch up on the discussions. If you missed this month’s Travel Massive event and you don’t want to miss the next one, make sure you sign up to the official Travel Massive Glasgow page and book your free place on January’s Travel Massive Glasgow event, which will feature two speakers: Alex Bainbridge, whose talk is titled Autonomous Vehicles & the Future of Sightseeing, and Peter Syme, whose talk is titled The Current State of Tours & Activities.

January’s event will be held in citizenM’s screening room on Renfrew Street on Tuesday the 29th, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. If you have any follow-up questions about Travel Massive Glasgow or about the work we do here at the Tourism Marketing Agency, please feel free to get in touch

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