Ways To Build Trust With Great Website Design

Great website design is a fantastic way of building customer trust, and it’s important to understand the needs and desires of your customers before a website redesign.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

24 Feb 2015

The Needs & Desires of Your Customers

• Honesty – Customers want to be informed accurately and honestly about your products and services.

• Follow-through – Don’t let customers down; deliver the products and services you promise, on time.

• Ethics – Customers need to be assured that they will be treated fairly and lawfully, and you need to deliver on that promise.

• Ethos – Customer service should be high on your list of priorities to encourage repeat business, and also encourage excellent testimonials which help attract new customers.

• Security – Customers need to know their payments and personal details will not be abused.

Trust Symbols

Your homepage must build trust within 6-10 seconds, and images of guarantees, awards and security seals are excellent ways of quickly establishing that trust, as is an image of the physical location of your business and/or your employees.

Testimonials and client logos also assure customers that you are an established company with loyal customers.

Social media elements, including Facebook “likes” or Twitter “followers”, are also becoming increasingly popular, and allow people to share your website pages with their friends and contacts.

If you really want to impress, you may also want to incorporate a video about how a product is made or how a service will improve a customer’s life.

Incorporating a rating and review system is a real sign that you believe in what you’re doing, and lots of customers like to offer feedback in the knowledge that they’re helping other customers make an informed decision.

You can also offer customers the chance to opt in to receive your company emails, and you can continue to engage and build trust by sending customers relevant information about your products and services or other matters you’re sure will interest them.


Other factors that will encourage customers to buy your products and services include an aesthetically pleasing, responsive and user-friendly website – and this type of website can increase conversions by around a third.

Most customers will research a product on a company’s website before buying and, if your website looks outdated, is hard to navigate, or has poorly worded content– you’re likely to lose sales!

Here at the Tourism Marketing Agency we understand the needs of businesses and customers, and our ethos is to design and build websites that help form a long-lasting bond between them.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

When 2014 drew to a close, it was reported by The Wall Street Journal that 35% of Proctor and Gamble’s total marketing budget for 2015 would be spent on digital marketing.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

A brief look at Glasgow’s growing popularity in the tourism industry.
Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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