Why a Responsive Design is Essential for your Customers

When promoting your business or organisation online you may hear the term ‘responsive design’ used by those in the know.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

10 Dec 2015

When promoting your business or organisation online you may hear the term ‘responsive design’ used by those in the know. This design choice is essential to your customer as it keeps the website looking fantastic on every device that accesses it. The website itself will scale up or down to suit the device that your potential buyer is browsing from, so there are fewer compatibility issues and there is a sense of brand recognition.


This consistency makes it simpler for your potential customer to find what information they need on your site. You’re also inspiring loyalty, as they know that you always give them the same customer experience across the board.

Keep Your Customers Happy

If customers become confused by your site they’ll go elsewhere, and this will cost you business but a design that stays the same across all devices will reduce the bounce rate of your site. It’s all about keeping your customer happy and anything that you can do to improve their overall experience can turn a one off buyer into a regular shopper on your site, particularly if they can access it anywhere.

Mobile Users

Mobile users are not to be forgotten about, as they’re buying more than ever on the move these days, you want to give them a version of your website that they can use too. You can also use the breakdown of traffic on a responsive site to analyse where you should be placing the most emphasis that month.

Responsive Site

Google takes responsive design into account too, by having a consistent site that all devices can access you’ll climb your way up their rankings swiftly. Many users on a tablet or smartphone will save a version of your site for offline use if it’s responsive, and they can still shop for your products when they’re no longer connected.

All of these reasons should convince any business owner to make their website responsive to the device viewing it, if you don’t you’ll be missing out on a steady stream of customers.

Chris Torres

Chris Torres

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Chris Torres

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