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Who We Are

We are a bunch of tourism marketing experts with one aim... to grow your brand and business.

Here at the Tourism Marketing Agency (TMA), we’ve brought together a team of talented digital marketeers to help grow your tourism brand. We’re based right in front of Glasgow’s Central Station and every day we’re talking to travellers and businesses from every corner of the world!

Our clients come from all over the globe, from the USA and the Middle East to mainland Europe and even the North pole, we’re very well represented.

TMA offer tailor made services, and unlike many other agencies, we don’t have a set catalogue of services you receive for your money… with TMA, YOU get to choose where your money goes each month. Flexibility is the key for our clients.

From strategies and campaigns, to content and PPC management, our digital marketing experts are here to ensure your business utilises the right resources to turn lookers into bookers.

We see our clients as family, not just business partners. Our packages mean we can react to your changing business needs quickly and effectively, providing helpful, friendly advice every step of the way.

Our Pretty Faces

The Main Players In Your Tourism Marketing Team

We have brought together gifted geeks and creative marketers to help you grow your tourism brand.

Owner & Director

Chris is a father of two, a mega Star Wars nerd, art lover, and globe trotter. Chris has been all over the World, but he is especially enamoured with Japan — it’s culture, art, and filmmakers.

Managing Director

Jessica specialises in website projects and has a passion for all-things-organisation. In her spare time, Jessica can be found off the beaten track, in an independent cafe, probably with her laptop out and a notepad by her side.

Tourism Marketing Manager

Justine is from France and has lived in the UK for two years. Previously, Justine has lived and worked in Spain and in Russia. Justine loves languages and is fluent in English, Spanish, and French (obviously), and she is conversational in Italian. Justine also loves cheese. All sorts of cheese.

Tourism Marketing Strategist

Danny is from Scotland. He has an Honours Degree in Marketing and a Masters Degree in digital marketing. He loves travelling and lived, worked, and travelled in Asia for over four years.

Tourism Marketing Executive

Russell has a business studies background and he began his time at TMA as an intern before we saw his potential and offered him a full-time job. Russell is interested in aviation, rowing, beer, and travel.

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What Our Clients Say

I have worked with quite a few ‘experts’ and I have to say I am very impressed with the team at TMA. They have been exceptionally diligent, never any issue about getting things done when required and adding real value to my business. Couldn’t be happier with what’s been done to date.

Phil Ginn

Just Cruise

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