Russell Bell

Tourism Marketing Executive


A little background information about Russell

Russell has a business studies background and he began his time at TMA as an intern before we saw his potential and offered him a full-time job. Russell is interested in aviation, rowing, beer, and travel. Russell’s interest in digital marketing and travel makes him a valuable asset to the Tourism Marketing Agency. 

What’s the best place you’ve ever visited?

Costa Rica. The people are so friendly and the wildlife and scenery are amazing. It gave me a taste of Central America which seems like a really interesting part of the world. 

With unlimited budget, where would you love to travel? 

There are quite a few countries on my list; I think I’d try to fit Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar into one big trip. They seem more remote and untouched than most other South-East-Asian countries. 

What attracted you to the digital marketing industry?

When I studied for a business degree at university, I was more fascinated in marketing than any of the other topics. There’s a sense of creativity that appeals to me. Digital marketing combines the creative side of traditional marketing with more tangible precision and data-driven strategies — search volumes, traffic, and conversions all feeding into the process. So, going into digital marketing was the most natural move for me.  

Which brand do you most admire?

I am a big fan of the beer brand BrewDog. I really like their image and how they have done a good job ofkeeping their craft beer roots. Their beer tastes really good as well!

What’s the best thing about working in the tourism industry?

I like learning about how different countries do business and interact with each other. Adapting to Italian, Dutch, American, and British clients makes my job really interesting and ensures no two work days look the same!