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An emailer list is one of the best marketing tools to have at your disposal as part of your tourism marketing strategy. It enables you to engage with your customers on a regular basis.

By doing this, new content promotion is made easy; you’ll also be communicating your products and services to those most likely to have already engaged with your brand - they’ve opted in to hearing from you after all, so make the most of that opportunity!

Before running an email campaign, you need people to sign up to your mailing list. Perhaps you already have a mailing list, but aren’t quite happy with the number of quality of recipients.

It’s not as simple as amassing as many email addresses as you can, there are restrictions, and people have to opt-in to receiving your newsletters.

You want people to like what they see when they land on your site, that way they’ll be more likely to sign up to your newsletter. Makes sense, right? If you are running social media campaigns, perhaps this will be the point of entry for many people, so make sure the content is engaging and compelling enough to prompt them to subscribe.

Why not tease potential sign ups by promising a destination guide or disc.

Handling your company’s email and newsletter campaigns in-house can be exhausting, and keeping a consistent publishing schedule can prove difficult. Even if you outsource to a writer, you still need to do a lot of the promotion yourself. We create content designed to give you more than just high-quality writing.

Our content is designed to serve a business purpose, attracting a large number of prospects and generating leads. We’ll manage, nurture and educate these leads to really pave the way for sales.

We’ll take care of each part of the campaign process - from the pre-campaign marketing strategy to the sending of the finished newsletter - allowing your content growth to thrive without tying up your team’s time and resources. 


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