About the Tourism Marketing Agency

The Tourism Marketing Agency is an international digital tourism agency with partners and connections with many worldwide tourism brands. We will tell your story. One that inspires and sparks the imagination, turning lookers… into bookers.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is a simple but challenging one: we want to educate the tour, activity, and travel sector, helping operators to better acquire customers and grow their businesses. We do this by using our diverse range of tourism marketing services.

We want to turn your Lookers into Bookers.

We do not have clients or customers — we have partners — and we want to build long-lasting relationships, helping you through the many challenges of promoting a tourism business online. We believe in strong communication as the backbone of all our successful relationships.

We want to see you stand on your own feet, relying less on online travel agents (OTAs) so that you pay less commission, creating more profit for your business. This is why we complement our services with a vast amount of free advice and guidance… and always will. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Meet Your Travel Marketing Experts

We have brought together gifted travel and tourism marketing experts to help you grow your tours & activities brand.

Chris Torres, Owner & Founder
Founder & Director
Amanda Walkins, Content Writer
Managing Director
Grace Pearshouse, Account Manager
Account Manager
Jenna Woollon, Account Manager
Account Manager
Account Manager
Nadine Patrick Account Manager
Account Manager
Danny Wilson, SEO Specialist
SEO Specialist
Amy McGibbon - Paid Media Manager
PPC Manager
James Leon Francis Burr
Junior PPC Executive
Peter Wright, Content Manager
Content Manager
Matthew Baxter
Content Writer
Jennifer Brough - Content Writer
Content Writer
Rob Stimpson, Content Writer
Content Writer
Nicola Hunter Page - Website Content
Content & Social Co-ordinator
Finn, HR Manager
HR Manager

Join our Family

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Are you looking for a dynamic and effective way to grow your tourism business? Well, look no further! We at the Tourism Marketing Agency believe in treating our clients as partners, and we’re committed to helping you achieve your digital marketing goals.

We have been inundated with enquires and clients so currently, we have a waiting list to join our family.

We want to make sure that we are a good fit for each other and can work together seamlessly. That’s why we encourage you to apply for an initial consultation and join our waiting list. Let’s work together to bring your business to new heights!