The Ultimate Tour and Activity Marketing Book

"Easily the best book you will ever read to grow your tour and activity business... and now it's free to help you during the Coronavirus Crisis."
- Peter Syme, 1,000 Mile Journeys

Over 400 pages of practical digital marketing advice with downloadable worksheets and video guides.

With this book, I will help you figure out where your tours and activities business currently sits, and the path it needs to take to grow. I will also provide you with the tools you need to get there by offering practical advice, worksheets, and videos. Ultimately, the aim of this book is to help turn your online lookers into revenue-generating bookers.

Lookers to Bookers on Amazon

If you are a tours and activities operator, you are in a unique position. Be it walking tours, cycling tours, bus tours or an axe throwing experience (amazing, you must try it), you have the opportunity to enhance the life of someone who experiences one of your amazing products. But before you can do this, people first need to know that your business, and your product, exists. For this, you’ll need to put some time and thought into your digital marketing.

When you begin working on digital marketing in the T&A sector, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of social media platforms, online travel agents (OTAs) and Google rankings, but bad digital marketing is normally down to just one thing — a poorly conceived or non-existent digital strategy.

My hope is that ‘Lookers into Bookers’ helps tour operators around the globe to grow their brands and flourish online. The tours and activities sector is growing as more and more travellers seek authentic or exciting experiences. As more people plan the entirety of their trips online, good digital marketing and social media are a necessary road to success.

At 80k words, ‘Lookers into Bookers’ is not a glancing attempt to cover the subject; it provides all of the tools you need to market your tours and activities business successfully. 

How this book will help you

  • BRAND WORKSHOP FOR TOUR PROVIDERSMy brand workshop will help you and your team find where your business sits, where it needs to go, and how to get there.
  • 90-DAY+ CONTENT MACHINEI will provide the tools you need to create 90 days of story-driven content ideas from just one video.
  • TRAVEL FACEBOOK AD FUNNELI will provide you with a Facebook Ad funnel that will gain you lots of targeted potential customers, without breaking the bank.
  • TOURISM MARKETING STRATEGYIf you want customers, you’re going to need to actively get out there and find them, and then let them know you exist. I show you how.
  • COMPETITOR ANALYSISWithout researching your market, customers, and competitors, you are effectively promoting your business blind. Let data drive your decisions.
  • VIDEO MARKETING FOR TOUR PROVIDERSVideo is, hands down, one of the best marketing tools you can use and there is no excuse not to use it to promote your brand and connect with customers. I will show you how.
  • RANKING ON TRIPADVISORWith this workshop, I will explore the best ways to use TripAdvisor; I will explain how Tripadvisor rankings your business and how to generate positive reviews and improve your rankings.
  • EMAIL MARKETING MASTERYCreate a stream of organically built subscribers that engage with your brand in exchange for the value you offer. Allow me to show you how to effectively build an email list.
  • MARKETING AUTOMATIONI will cover the basics of using marketing automation to efficiently and affordably generate leads for your business while you sleep.

Praise for Lookers into Bookers

  • Required reading for tour operators wishing to take more responsibility for marketing and distribution issues rather than leaving it to their reseller channel. That should be all operators!

    Rod Cuthbert
    Former Owner and Founder for Viator.
  • Chris and his team at TMA have the ability to execute marketing strategies that are unlike anything I’ve seen in the tour & activity industry. He and his team don’t just hit the bullseye, they blow it to pieces… again and again.

    Matthew Newton
    Former Director of Marketing at PeekPro
  • This is a book of pure gold! I wish I had found it before I set up my company, but I’m still learning SO MUCH! I’m taking it page by page, and implementing everything. No matter how established your company is, read this book!

    Sara Freeland
  • I have been following Chris for quite some time now and find his advice witty and down to earth… And super useful!

    Laura Sanvito
  • Chris is the first person I call upon with any tour marketing challenges. This book is a must read.

    Alex Bainbridge
    Former CEO & founder - TourCMS
  • I am a huge admirer of Chris Torres and his Digital Tourism Show video series. The man gives away so much knowledge around increasing revenue for free… If I watched one of his videos I could have saved myself $400!

    Shane Whaley
    Former Regional Director of Get Your Guide and Producer & Host of Tourpreneur.
  • Whether you are just starting on your digital marketing journey, or you are far along on your adventure, use Lookers Into Bookers as a guide to strategy and prioritisation, as a hands-on practical resource, as a checklist of best practices, but also as a companion on your never-ending path through the digital change that lies ahead.

    Douglas Quinby
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Since I joined the tourism industry, Chris has been the go to guy for me. He always has his finger on the pulse and thinks one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to reacting to the latest industry developments. I’ve found his advice to be invaluable on several occasions.

    Russel Astle-Coates
    Director of Business Development at TourismTiger
  • Chris is an amazing resource. As a very small tour company, I was amazed by his honesty, openness, and immediate support of my requests. This is a gem of a human. . . a rare find.

    Justin Legge
    Tour Director at Redwood Adventures and Elk Meadow Cabins
  • Amazing book! As a small tour company that is just in the beginning of its road to success we found this book a major guide on our path! Clearly written and right to the point. Advice to other readers: don’t miss even a single letter from this book!

    Akmal Said

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