427.5% increase in direct bookings so far in 2023 compared to the entirety of 2022! Decreased OTA reliance from 70.12% down to 58.57%!
A white bus with a colorful design on it, offering Tours and Activities.

Client Overview

Bermudaful provide tours around the beautiful island of Bermuda.

Direct Bookings Increase427.5%
OTA Reliance70.12% down to 58.57%
Agency & Ad Fees to Date$15,690
Fees/Sales Difference554.17%
Date Updated25 Sept 2023


In December 2022, Bermudaful approached TMA to help with a rebrand, website and digital marketing.


At the time, their existing logo did not really convey the beautiful element of the brand name. It also comes across as if they only provide shuttle services, like those from an airport whist in fact you provide tours around Bermuda Island.

The culture of Bermuda is awash with colour, espeically during the Gombey Festival. Bermuda is also famous for the Bermuda Triangle but we did not wish to be typical in this usage. A mix of colour and culture whilst portraying beauty was key in the development of a new brand logo.

To us, the new logo portrays all the aspects of the culture, beauty and colour of Bermuda.

Bermudaful were also heavily reliant on OTA sales, with a whopping 70.12% of sales coming from Viator.

Old Brand Logo

The logo for bermudaful island minibus service, offering Tours and Activities to tourists with the assistance of a Tourism Marketing Agency.

New Brand Logo

The logo for Bermudaful Island Tours, a TMA-certified company offering tours and activities, with a focus on digital marketing.


With the rebranding complete, our attention shifted to the website and marketing. Our comprehensive strategy encompassed SEO optimization, content creation and paid advertising. While devising these strategies and campaigns, it was crucial to respect the rebrand and consider the company’s existing clientele.


As of September 2023, the results have been nothing short of remarkable. Bermudaful has saw a staggering 427.5% increase in direct bookings compared to the entirety of 2022. This significant growth in a relatively brief period, especially post-rebranding, underscores the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

To date (25th Sept 2023), Bermudaful have spent $8,862 in agency fees and ad budgets and saw a direct sales increase of 554.17%.

Bermudaful has also saw their reliance of OTA sales shift from 70.12% to 58.57%, meaning more customers are booking direct, saving on the 30%+ OTA commission rates.

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