BeWild Adventures

Over the last six months, the website visibility has grown significantly, from 0.9% rating to 14.52%.
BeWild Adventures

Client Overview

BeWild Adventures, a hiking and wellness tour company based in Vancouver, Canada, provide some of the most scenic and stunning hikes across many of the destination’s top routes, like Garibaldi Lake and Cheakamus. And they provide these tours all year round with summer trips and winter snowshoeing experiences.

Website Visibility0.9% - 14.52%
Date Updated28th June 2021

The Story So Far

Since December 2020, we have helped Amber and her team at BeWIld Adventures with a host of marketing strategies and services to help grow their business. As a relatively young business, we had to create a strategy that took care of everything from the website, SEO, content writing, Facebook Ad strategies, and social media management.

Our first task was to improve the website. We re-created the website using our excellent WordPress template, which initially used the inbuilt booking platform before Amber switched to FareHarbour (a change that was easily integrated).

Once the site was pushed live, we got to work on the SEO, first providing extensive keyword research and analysis. Over the last six months, the website visibility has grown significantly, from 0.9% rating to 14.52%, with over 62 keywords ranking in the top 20, 40 keywords ranking in the top ten, 26 of which rank in the top three. BeWild continues to see significant organic gains, which in turn is increasing their website traffic and conversions.

The SEO has been helped along massively from the content our team has written to make BeWild Adventures an authority in their sector.

We continue to support Amber and her team and we are in the process of creating paid advertising strategies and new product ranges for both local and US markets once the borders open up again.

BeWild Adventures
BeWild Adventures
BeWild Adventures

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