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We’re not sure about the word ‘funnel’ either; it can have negative connotations of empty-suit gurus and their ‘click funnel’ sales tactics that put a lot of people off. Rest assured, our Facebook funnel is designed in a way to guide your potential customers through a journey of knowing and trusting your brand… It’s all about trust. Without trust, no sale is made in the tourism industry.

Inspire your customers, don’t sell to them

Facebook advertising is very different from Google Search Ads.

With Google, a consumer already has it in their minds what they want to do, or they at least have an inclination of what they think they want to do. With Facebook, you are planting a suggestion in the mind of your target customer — perhaps even something they haven’t thought of yet… But now, this isn’t trickery and we are not going to turn you into Derren Brown.

Facebook advertising is… well… rude. Think about it.

You are thumbing your way through your Facebook feed to see what your friends are up to and then boom… you are interrupted with an ad for something you may have never seen before. This is why you must grab the attention of those Facebook users within 1-2 seconds or they will simply thumb right past your ad.

We will help you create a Facebook funnel that will help stop a Facebook ‘thumber’ in their tracks and start them down the path of getting to know and trust your business. And when the time is right, we will persuade them to book, buy, or make an enquiry.

Want to see how this works? Check out the video below…

Watch Chris explain how a Facebook Funnel works

Facebook Funnel to Drive Sales

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