Cool Travel Iceland

Once the site was launched, within the four-month campaign, we generated no less than 321 highly targeted enquiries.

Client Overview

Cool Travel Iceland is a tour company based in Reykjavik that specialises in day tours and private tours all around Iceland. They have a diverse and dynamic range of tours and activities to choose from and they needed our help with their SEO as they were struggling to rank for any important keywords on Google.

Leads Generated321
Ad SpendUSD$1.1k
Date Updated28th June 2021

The Story So Far

Cool Travel Iceland approached us back in May 2020, as the covid pandemic was gripping the world. Cool Travel Iceland wanted us to help them generate enquiries for future bookings in 2021 and beyond.

We developed a four-month campaign based around private and self-drive tours around Iceland, creating a series of ads and videos to attract their target audience within the United States and United Kingdom — the first destinations likely to be able to travel to Iceland once covid travel restrictions lift.

Before we developed the Facebook campaign, we created a new website using our preferred WordPress template as the website they had was so challenging for the potential customer that it would have severely hindered their chances of making the campaign a success.

Once the site was launched, and within the four-month campaign, we generated no less than 321 highly targeted enquiries, most of which came from the effective video ad campaign we developed. This video itself garnered a lot of engagement with over 500 likes, 64 comments, and many sharing across their own profiles.

The video itself wasn’t expensive to produce, not including our time, as the client did not have any footage themselves, so we sourced free stock footage, purchased music and created the campaign around this.

All of this on a total ad spend of USD$1,114 (USD$3.47 per lead).

Cool Travel Iceland
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Cool Travel Iceland

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