Overland Ireland Tours

Over 2 Million Euros in sales for the year so far (2023), a ROI of 6188.95%!
Overland Ireland Tours

Client Overview

Overland Ireland provides private multi-day tours of Ireland as well as self-drive tours of Ireland. They approached us to help grow revenue and bookings through organic and paid marketing channels. During covid, we also helped them develop self-drive tours — a new set of products that caters to a different kind of customer. This also included the development of a new website using our WordPress theme.

Revenue Generated€2m
Ad/Agency Spend€33k
Date Updated30th Aug 2023

The Story Pre-Covid

Overland first approached us a few years back when they were looking for our expertise in creating a strategy to promote specific products that capitalised on Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker, part of which was filmed on Skellig Michael in Ireland.

We created a full marketing funnel containing landing pages about Skellig Michael; one spoke to Star Wars fans eager to walk where Luke Skywalker had walked, and the other catered to those who did not care for the films (sacrilege!). Our amazing team of copywriting experts wrote compelling content and we combined this with a series of Facebook and Google Ads that captured and guided target customers along a journey that built up enthusiasm for Skellig Michael and trust in Overland Ireland.

We combined the Facebook funnel with a series of weekly emails that acted as travel guides and inspiration to entice the consumer further.

Within a 3-month period, the campaign generated over EUR€80,000 in sales from an ad spend of only EUR€1,607. This is an ROI of 4,368%.

Overland Ireland Tours
Overland Ireland Tours
Overland Ireland Tours

The Story Post Covid

We have been very proactive within the industry since the pandemic first hit us all back in March 2020. We have provided free advice on how tourism businesses should market themselves during the pandemic ; we released the Covid Marketing Battleplan last March. It was a completely free marketing guide for tour and activity operators during covid. In February 2021, we released its 200-page followup guide.

Overland remained within the TMA family as we helped guide them through the pandemic, helping them create a new set of self-drive products for both the staycation and international markets. These self-drive tours were aimed at anyone who may be a little nervous about travelling in larger groups due to the risks of covid.

Along with the launch of these new tours, we also created a new website for Overland Ireland. This new website has been performing much better than its predecessor; it has seen increased search rankings, even as Google made two big ranking changes during that time. This is testament to the organic, white-hat SEO services we provide.

The Story of 2023 So Far...

In 2023, Overland Ireland has truly made its mark.

In just 7 months, they’ve seen over 2 million Euros in bookings, marking an impressive 180% increase from 2022. This growth is a direct reflection of the effective marketing strategies and initiatives we’ve implemented for them.

With an investment of around €33k in ad spend and agency fees, the return on investment stands at a commendable 6,188.95%. Together, we’re making meaningful progress.

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