Rewind Dubrovnik

Since Jan 2021, we are on course to help Lukša of Rewind Dubrovnik generate over €200k in direct website sales without OTAs and partners.
Rewind Dubrovnik

Client Overview

Rewind Dubrovnik, based in Croatia, is a day tour company that focuses on boat trips and experiences around Dubrovnik, visiting many islands, caves, beaches, and secret spots around the region.

Direct Revenue:EUR€200k+
Qualified Leads:240
Spend to Date:EUR€45k
Date Updated:5th May 2023

The Story So Far

Rewind Dubrovnik has been a follower of Chris’ Digital Tourism Show for a while, as well as a fan of his book, How To Turn Your Online Lookers into Bookers. With the devastating effects of the global pandemic, Rewind Dubrovnik approached TMA to see if we could help them generate enquiries and bookings for their private boat tours.

He initially came on board with our Economy Class Package, allowing us to conduct the proper research, search engine optimisation and paid advertising campaigns.

From April 2021, we launched a new website and a campaign based around escaping the lockdowns and restrictions and getting out in a safe environment on the water with family and friends, targeting people who can travel to this destination.

With a budget of only EUR€10 per day, we have helped Rewind Dubrovnik generate over 40 enquiries over Facebook and another 30+ enquiries from a landing page we wrote and created for the campaign. That is over 70 enquiries from an ad spend of only EUR€702 over a three-month period, on a set of products with a starting cost of EUR€199.

After the pandemic, and when the world opened up again for most of us, we continued the journey, focusing more on paid advertising on Google and Facebook, to encourage bookings as well as making impressive strides in organic rankings through our carefully planned content strategies. We increased Re overall visibility by 10% above most of his main competitors.

Most of Rewind Dubrovnik’s competitors dropped rankings after Google algorithm changes, while Rewind remained steady, eventually increasing. This is a testament to the proper implementation of our SEO and content strategies.

Rewind are now on course to overtake their main competitor in rankings.

Increases SEO and Rankings - Rewind Dubrovnik

Increased Bookings

Since we started with Rewind, we have helped Lukša generate hundreds of bookings, growing steadily over the years.

In 2021, direct bookings totalled €22k, from 83 bookings, which in the context of the pandemic is a great result.

In 2022, direct bookings totalled €68k, from 146 bookings, a yearly increase of €46k, or a 209% increase in revenue.

2023 looks to be Lukša’s best yet, with Rewind on course to reach €120k in direct booking revenue, a yearly increase of €52k, or a 76% increase in revenue.

Since Jan 2021, from TMA and ad spend, Rewind Dubrovnik has seen a 344% ROI from direct bookings. A great result that highlights that with the proper strategy and planning in place, and a strong, long term partnership over the course of 28 months, marketing can deliver strong direct bookings.

Lukša’s OTA and partner sales are the icing on the cake on top of all this… as it should be.

Rewind Dubrovnik
Rewind Dubrovnik
Rewind Dubrovnik

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