Rosehill Travel

Generated 284 booking enquiries for both day and short weekend breaks.
Rosehill Travel

Client Overview

Rosehill Travel provides luxury, private driver-guided day and multi-day tours across the Cotswolds and Lake District. They also provide luxury chauffeur services for the corporate market across the UK.

Leads Generated284
Ad Spend£1,798
Date Updated28th June 2021

The Story So Far

Rosehill Travel first approached us back in May 2020 to help them in creating a new website as well as raising awareness of their products. They knew that the covid pandemic may cause many travellers and business owners to look for a safer alternative to travelling across the UK.

Using our WordPress template, we created and launched their website within a few weeks and got to work creating a strategy to entice their target customers to the Cotswolds, an area Rosehill Travel wanted to focus on.

Our ‘Dream English Staycation’ Facebook campaign took place between October and December 2020, and it targeted people within London who would be likely to crave a country escape from the pressures of city life. — The selling point was for guests to not only travel in a private, safe way… but also in style.

During this period, the Facebook campaign generated 284 booking enquiries for both day and short weekend breaks, with ‘from’ prices ranging between £219 and £2,918. This is a potential £62,196 to £828,712 in booking enquiries… all this on a total ad budget of £1,798.

Today, we continue to support Rosehill Travel in developing more campaigns as well as offering support for another brand they manage.

Rosehill Travel
Rosehill Travel
Rosehill Travel

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