We helped generate over 368 leads for Walk91 during the pandemic
Walk 91

Client Overview

Walk 91 offers amazing multi-day walking tour adventures in Victoria, Australia They approached us during the covid pandemic as they wanted help to promote their Great Ocean Walk Tour to the local and domestic market.

Leads Generated368
Ad SpendAUD$3,2k
Date Updated28th June 2021

The Story So Far

With Australia closing its doors to the world, Walk91 looked inward to attract the local market to explore the great outdoors along an incredible section off Australia’s southern coastlines. Lucky for them, they already had a good reputation domestically, so we were brought in to help them focus their messaging and entice even more locals to try out their products.

After some consultations with our team, we learned that one of the owners, Mark Kininmonth, was instrumental in the creation of the Great Ocean Walk as well as being a park ranger for the Apollo Bay region. Armed with this information, we put plans in place to change the focus of the Walk 91 brand and marketing ‘voice’ to highlight Mark’s considerable knowledge and experience.

We first wanted to test the water with this approach, so we got to work on a strategy that included the creation of landing pages, videos, content, emails, and a Facebook Ad Funnel, all of which highlighting Mark’s experience.

Almost immediately, we saw qualified inquiries fly in. To date, we have helped generate over 368 leads for Walk91 from an ad spend of only AUD$3,157.64. That is AUD$8.58 per lead, with their lowest priced product around AUD$700.

An amazing result during a pandemic that provides Walk91 many opportunities to close the sale and generate bookings.

Walk 91
Walk 91
Walk 91

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