Tours & Activities Marketing Battle Plan 2021

"Even professional guides need a guide in chaotic times. This is the definitive guide to not just dealing with the challenges we all face but grasping the opportunities that abound. If you plan to do more than just survive and want to thrive USD$49 is a no brainer."
- Peter Syme, 1,000 Mile Journeys

Tours & Activities Marketing Battle Plan 2021

Over 200 pages of in-depth market research & statistics of real traveller intent within North America, UK & Ireland, Europe & Oceania.

With this book, I will help you figure out where your tours and activities business currently sits, and the path it needs to take to grow. I will also provide the tools to get there by offering practical advice, worksheets, and videos. Ultimately, the aim of this book is to help turn your online lookers into revenue-generating bookers.

As every destination around the world has been affected by this pandemic in some form or another, the last year has been devastating and heartbreaking for almost everyone in the tourism industry — not just tours and activities. But I am not here to talk about what has just passed; I’m here to offer my thoughts on what l feel lies ahead. I, for one, feel the future is looking very bright indeed.

My team and I have taken it upon ourselves to conduct market surveys with real consumers, asking the questions so many of us in the industry want to know. The insights gained from this research will better inform tour and activity providers on how to market their businesses in 2021, including which demographics and product types to focus on.

This document is not all speculation and theory; the focus on surveys and statistics allows us to provide facts about how your potential customers perceive the threat of COVID-19 and their travel intentions for 2021 and beyond. What products excite them? how do they intent to travel? We ask these any many more questions.

We cover North America, UK & Ireland, many destinations in Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand.

We would love to offer this report for free but conducting this research was at considerable expense to us, but we also recognise may operartors are suffering right now so this is why we are only asking for USD$49 for this 200-page report.

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