Chris Torres, Founder & Director

Chris Torres, Owner & Founder

Chris is an author, podcaster, brand consultant, and digital tourism expert with over 26 years’ experience in the tourism industry. Chris speaks at many tourism events worldwide, offering his advice and guidance on how travel, tourism, and destination businesses can gain brand recognition and increase bookings.

Chris has focused the Tourism Marketing Agency, honing in on tour operator marketing. Over 90% of his client base comes from outside the UK, and he has either worked with or is currently working with some of the biggest players in the industry.

Chris is a self-confessed geek and especially loves collecting film memorabilia, with many autographs, toys and film props in his possession. If you ever do video conference with Chris you may get a glimpse of his impressive collection.

Chris is the author of the best-selling marketing book, How to Turn your Online Lookers into Bookers a 400- page book full of practical marketing advice dedicated to the tours and activities sector. Chris also produces a video advice series called The Digital Tourism Show which you can watch on his Facebook Group, YouTube channel, or listen via Google or Apple podcasts.

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