Tourism Video Production & Editing

Video is, hands down, the best platform for storytelling. It allows you to engage with your customers on a deeper level. It provides a platform for your tour guides and staff to shine and show their passions. This builds your brand reputation and helps your customers on their journey towards trusting your business.

People process information 60,000 times faster with video

Stop and let that sink in for a second. This means that a potential customer will process your information and potentially click your book or enquiry button 60,000 times faster than if you only used written content. Video is not just great for your website, but your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ad campaigns too. It can make your target demographic excited at the prospect of the experience you can deliver for them.

Effective video on any budget

Video does not need to be hard. It does not need to be expensive either. If you have footage you recorded already, great, if not, we can organise filming for you or even use stock footage. Many of our successful marketing campaigns have included video created from free stock videos and have been highly effective in generating enquiries and bookings.

With all our marketing packages, if we feel video will help your marketing and ad campaigns, we will create this for you at no extra charge when using stock or your own footage. We will edit the footage together, create titles, purchase music and produce a voiceover if required.

Watch some of the video campaigns we have created below

Successful Tourism Video Campaigns

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