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Fun facts about Aleksandra

  • Quick Bio: Passionate traveller, personal development addict and coffee lover.
  • Favourite Movie: Pretty Woman, 1991 - for no special reason and Eat, Pray, Love, 2010 - read the first line again xD.
  • Favourite Song: 500 Miles, Proclaimers
  • Favourite Fact: Let's fly to Madrid tomorrow to try new food, meet the culture and do some dancing in a day? I'm in! Also, let's do a cycling trip of 100 miles this weekend? Sure, what do I need? xD

Current Latin dancing charity leader and organiser, who loves to help the world becoming a better place, loves to bake, dance salsa and loves to learn from the ones with more experience. Currently also ethnographer researcher consultant and part of an amazing team of marketing professionals in a tourism marketing agency. In my role, I am scaling up my marketing skills, developing strategies to meet clients' requirements and am part of several other exciting marketing activities.

My experience in the marketing industry

Within the arena of Digital marketing, my roles have been bright and dynamic, ranging from being a PhD researcher, Marketing manager in a charity, Project manager in a charity and a couple of businesses and now an ethnographer and Marketing executive in a tourism marketing agency. On that way I am lucky to have been scaling up my skills and knowledge through meeting several influential people in marketing and anthropology (ethnography) field, as well being part of several start-up communities, even working on a couple of my own start-up ideas.

My Skills

The current skills, thus also skills that I am always willing to develop further, are strategic thinking, team management, leadership skills, account management skills, interpersonal skills, ethnography skills, time-management skills, project management skills, presentation skills.

Those skills are in constant need and use as I go along leading my Dance4Water society, give conference presentations that are research-based, occasionally teach tutorials to the University of Glasgow students, give marketing ideas to many of the businesses and prospect businesses that get in touch with me and in my role of a Marketing executive on the current marketing team.

My History

My career journey starts in Accounting (based on the fact that both my Bachelor and Master's degree are in Accounting & Finance). Being an Accountant assistant and Project manager of several projects in a company in Slovenija, led me to realise that my creative thinking and love for people makes me more of a marketing person. After being offered a place as a Digital marketing PhD researcher, I worked as a Graduate teaching assistant at the University, took on to lead a Dancing charity, was a Marketing executive and idea developer in a Digital Marketing consulting firm in Glasgow, Social media Marketing manager to a couple of companies and an Ethnography consultant to a couple of businesses in Glasgow. I am finally part of a Tourism Marketing agency team, which I enjoy to bits. 

And finally, what I'm most known for professionally

My strong sense for improvement and growth, interpersonal skills and managing projects. 

Latest News.


Google & Facebook Ad Expert Wanted

We are looking for someone who can help our tourism focused clients get the best results from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and from time to time, Bing Ads.

  • 05 March, 2021

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