Competitor Analysis in the Tourism Marketing Industry

For all you curtain twitchers and wannabe detectives, spying on your closest neighbours can help you gain some invaluable insights that can help you stay one step ahead.

Taking a closer look at your competitors allows you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of both your immediate and potential competition across the digital landscape. By doing so, you will gain better insights and knowledge, helping you (and us) to create more effective marketing strategies.

Dig up the dirt on your competition

We look at your competitors’ digital presence, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, arming you with the tools to exploit any shortcomings as well as providing guidance on things you need to improve upon. Put succinctly: we help you learn from your competitors’ successes as well as their mistakes.

We will look at how competitors stack up against your business in terms of Google rankings, how they perform on social media compared with your brand, and how effective their website is compared to yours. These and many other aspects will give you invaluable insights while making you feel like a super spy.

Thinking outside the box

When conducting a competitor analysis, it is not always companies who provide similar services that you need to worry about. Instead, it sometimes makes more sense to monitor the many other activities that your potential customer may consider instead of booking one of your products. In this sense, a bike tour company could be in competition with a museum tour company or a theme park may be in competition with a rock-climbing centre.

One of the main challenges for your business is convincing your potential customer to spend time with your products rather than on some other activity that may grab their attention instead.

In its most abstract sense, you could say one of your competitors is people’s time.

We will create a nuanced, data-driven digital strategy that helps you compete for your target audience’s time.

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