Free Travel & Tourism Website

That’s right. You read that correctly. We’re offering a free WordPress site to our clients.

A strong foundation starts with a strong online presence, so you need a website that will perform on many levels.

Free Tours & Activities Website That You Own

Whether you join the TMA family on our introductory package or go for the full suite of services, each package comes with the option of adding a free WordPress website to our list of services. However, we aren’t throwing around free websites to everyone we work with; we only suggest changing websites when it is absolutely necessary.

Watch the website overview demo…

Why we introduced this free website

The short answer is that we felt responsible for our clients’ success and wanted to do everything we could to help. Without a new website, many of our clients simply wouldn’t have enjoyed anywhere near the marketing gains they’ve achieved from our SEO, PPC, and social media efforts. After all, there’s no point in having hundreds of people rush to your store if it’s full of cobwebs and the lights don’t work! We were doing some excellent marketing work and some clients’ websites weren’t sealing the deal. So we had a solution: make better websites!

Tour and activity providers come to us for help finding customers and increasing bookings. But spending money on marketing is rarely successful if your customer’s purchase journey on your website isn’t seamless and enjoyable. 

Our WordPress template is tried and tested for the tourism industry. We can create a website that will not only bring more customers to your website, it will also encourage them to make a purchase or booking.  And that’s when our marketing services really start to pop!

Don’t have a booking platform? No need to worry as our template comes with a complete inbuilt availability calendar that connects to Stripe or PayPal.*

Not only that, we will migrate all your content and we can even host your website on our lightning-fast dedicated server.

*This is a closed system and does not have API/OTA connectivity.

It is 100% YOUR Website

We do not hold you to ransom when it comes to your website. Once your initial six-month period with us has passed, you completely own the website; so if you decide to stop for any reason, you can take it with you.

Here are some examples of websites we have created using our template

Tourism Website Examples

Click each to view the sites

What Functions Come With Our Website?

Booking Integration

You can embed external code in place of the internal booking system. This is ideal for anyone who wants to use a third-party booking system but would like to use our theme.

Easy to Use

Unlike some WordPress page builders, this theme is very easy to edit, add, and update content as and when you require. No steep learning curve!

Fully Supported

For as long as you are with us, we will help maintain your website, making sure that all plugins and the platform itself is kept up-to-date.

If using the Internal booking platform

iCal Integration

iCal feature allows you to view bookings with a third-party calendar. However, please note that iCal in Tour Master doesn’t support two-way syncing. You can only view bookings.

Set Multiple Deposits

You can set up to 5 deposits. Each deposit transaction made will appear in both customer and admin dashboard. Final payment can also be done via the system.

Manually Add Bookings

This feature will allow the admin to add bookings manually. This feature can be used when, for example, the admin receives a booking by phone and wants to put it in the site’s record.

Set Tour Availability

There are two types of tour: One Day and Multiple Days. And each of them can be a one-time or recurring method. It also allows you to set various prices for the different time periods as well.

Flexible Pricing

Fixed Price will be a price per person. Variable Price sets different price between Adult, Child, Student and Infant. Pricing that rely on hotel room amount is also available.

Payment Gateways

You can choose to use up to three methods of payment. The first one is Paypal, the second is credit card (via Stripe and and the last is bank transfer.

CSV Exporter

You can export transactions into csv file for easily management. The csv exporter can filter transactions by date range.

Custom Booking Fields

Modify booking fields freely. We have six different types for your choices: text, textarea, email, password, date-picker, combobox.

Customer Dashboard

Customer dashboard allows you to view previous or pending bookings, invoices, receipt, ability to review tour and save wishlist

Last-Minute Booking Blocker

Avoid last-minute bookings that you won’t have time to organise. You can set the hours before travel date to allow customers to book.

Create Custom Packages

You can create custom packages for each tour. For example, when you are selling transportation tickets, you can divide them into various seat types. When you are selling hop-on hop-off tickets, you can sell as 1 day, 2 days, 3 days ticket and so on…

Create Coupon Codes

You will be able to set the coupon code, coupon amount, coupon expiration date, discount type as percentage or specific credit amount.

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