GetYourGuide Hiding Customer Details from Operators: What This Means for You

In mid September (2020) GetYourGuide sent out an email to all operators stating that they will no longer pass on the email address of the customer who books your experience but will provide a temporary GetYourGuide branded email instead. This email will only be active for 7 days after the experience has been delivered. This, as it states in the email, is to provide a better customer experience.

Now, while I can understand some of the reasoning behind it, this move from the OTA is yet another attempt from these businesses to hinder the potential growth of your own brand. Not only that, it throws up all sorts of questions, some of which could be serious in terms of health and safety. In this episode, I shall break down some of my concerns and give you the real truth about what an OTA actually is, one that may make you see them in a different light.

Is this really what operators need when the industry is currently on its knees due to Covid?

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