Google Ads for Tourism

Google Ads and tourism are a match made in heaven. Google Ads is a great platform for gaining quick traffic, but it has to be done correctly to maximise the opportunities and keep your costs down. If you’re not targeting the right keywords, you can end up paying a lot of money for little traffic; so leave managing your Google Ads to us!

Google Ads are a little like the stock market: you need to monitor them almost on a daily basis to make sure you’re getting the best possible outcome for your budget.

Go on… Expose yourself! PPC and travel work so well together!

Google Ads campaigns help you gain immediate exposure, ultimately getting you more leads and sales… But the platform is not as easy and straightforward as most would like it to be. You see, you are not just competing with your direct competitors, but with the big online travel agents (OTAs) that plow millions into this platform on a daily basis.

We will first help you determine if Google Ads is a suitable platform for you, and if we feel it is, we will create search and display campaigns that give you as many opportunities to appear in search results as your budget allows.

We will set up your Google Ad campaigns. We will monitor your ads, tweaking them when necessary, and we will provide monthly reports on your ads’ performance. We will also create and write content and landing pages as and when we feel they are required. And don’t worry about tracking; we will make sure this is all set up correctly, too.

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