Keyword Research

To put it bluntly, without conducting keyword research, your digital marketing could be aimed at absolutely no one — or it could be aimed at thousands of people, none of whom are actually your target audience…

Discovering the words people use to describe your products

Keyword research underpins the vast majority of digital marketing activity. Put as simply as possible, it is a process of identifying product-related words and phrases that users put into search engines (primarily Google). Keyword research helps you figure out what language to use, selecting the right names and words to describe your products. This helps potential customers find your website on Google instead of a competitor’s site.

Keyword research is important because it allows digital marketers to identify the most product-relevant words and phrases based on users’ search behaviours. Rather than making the words up or going with your instinct, you can home in on the precise language people are using when searching for products like yours.  

Keyword research also highlights the number of average monthly searches that each keyword gets based on predetermined target market locations and informs us how difficult it is to potentially compete for these terms.

Saving money and supercharging PPC campaigns

Using the right keywords to optimise your website landing pages increases the relevance score for future PPC campaigns. This reduces the cost of your PPC and search ad campaigns while also helping your ad budget reach more people. Keyword research makes your paid ads campaigns cheaper AND more effective.

Keyword research is the first step to understanding what opportunities lie ahead for your business and our team of tourism marketing experts will conduct a comprehensive list of keywords and phrases that are used in almost every marketing activity we carry out for you.

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