Creating Tailor Made, Luxury Whisky Tours for International and Royal Guests

Filmed prior to the lockdowns…

Vikki Bruce is the founder and Managing Director of MacLean and Bruce, running it with whisky expert, author and legend, Charles MacLean. Vikki’s background is in whisky and she works with closely with the industry to create bespoke, VIP whisky-orientated travel and events for luxury overseas buyers.

As part of the Bruce family, Vikki works closely with the family home in Fife, Broomhall House, using the historic venue to create prestigious events and experiences. MacLean & Bruce has been operating for seven years, working mainly with inbound guests, primarily from China and the USA.

As part of the company’s natural growth and development, M&B have become known for creating unusual stand-alone experiences, and as well as creating luxury travel packages for guests are used by DMCs and agents from home and abroad.

Vikki will discuss how she has grown her high luxury brand with international visitors and even Royalty.

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