Establish Balanced Revenue Streams for a Thriving, Secure Tour Business
A diversified revenue stream ensures that your business is not overly dependent on any one channel, thereby reducing the risk of financial instability.
From Boom to Balance: Navigating the Travel Slowdown
I've been hearing from numerous tour operators and other travel businesses that, when compared to 2023, travel bookings in 2024 from a US outbound and domestic perspective have slowed.
A robot holding a cookie stands in front of a computer screen displaying the Google Ads logo. A jar labeled "Cookies" is on the desk, hinting at our search for a Junior Account Manager required to join our team.
if you're running Google Ads within the EU/UK, you're now required to have a Cookie Bot on your website by March 2024
Marketing to the Solo Female Traveller
A whopping 64% of all travellers worldwide are women, with 84% of these being solo travellers! Let that sink in.
Paying the Price: How Facebook's Paid Model Could Disrupt EU Advertising
Meta has announced that, beginning in November, EU members using Facebook and Instagram will have the option to access ad-free versions. What does this mean for marketing?
The Power of Consumer Generated Content to Boost your Bookings
Tourpreneur's own Chris Torres provides some insights into why you must implement this now to grow your bookings in future.
Why You Should Embrace AI, Not Be Frightened Of It
The good, the bad and the ugly of AI, Chris Torres advises on why he feels a lot of operators are missing the revenue opportunities it brings.
Chris’ Top 8 Strategies to Marketing to the Luxury Consumer
We asked the Tourpreneur community what marketing topics they would like to see us cover next; targeting high-wealth luxury consumers.
Three Things Some Marketing Agencies Won't Tell You
I want to debunk three myths about working with a Marketing Agency and tell you some home truths, some of which you may find surprising
Facebook Ad Basics: 5 Top Tips
Chris provides some Facebook Ad Basics you must follow to make sure your ad campaigns are hitting all the right notes with your audience and your business.
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